SMPCP Buloke Strategic Health and Wellbeing Partnership

Southern Mallee PCP Buloke Strategic Health and Wellbeing Partnership's purpose is to support collaboration between Buloke agencies relating to health and wellbeing of the local communities, and to provide a forum for Buloke agencies to progress the SMPCP Buloke Partnership Action Plan (as part of the Southern Mallee PCP Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021 and linkages to the Buloke Shire Council Plan). It is one of three LGA Partnerships that Southern Mallee PCP facilitate (the others being in Gannawarra and Swan Hill).

Membership is open to local Buloke agencies. Current members are:

  • Buloke Shire Council
  • East Wimmera Health Service
  • Mallee Track & Health Community Service
  • Southern Mallee Primary Care Partnership

You can find the SMPCP Buloke Strategic Health and Wellbeing Partnership 2017 -2021 Action Plan here.


Forum Outcome Reports

An initiative of the SMPCP Mental Health and Wellbeing Committee and the SMPCP Buloke Strategic Health & Wellbeing Partnership these forums aim to bring together professionals across Buloke for information sharing, networking and capacity building. These forums are shaped by the Partnership Members and facilitated by Members and SMPCP Staff. Please see the reports below for further information and resources.

Victoria Against Violence Campaign 2017

The SMPCP Buloke Strategic Health and Wellbeing Partnership was successful in obtaining funding from Women's Health Loddon Mallee to hold a Buloke Put Your Hand Up morning tea at the Watchem Community Hub and produce a video on why preventing family violence is important in Buloke.

Watch the video below and read the post for further information. You can read the report here.


Southern Mallee PCP Buloke Family Violence Prevention Project

Southern Mallee PCP Buloke Strategic Health and Wellbeing Partnership welcomed State Government funding in July 2017 of $140,000 towards family violence prevention in the Buloke Shire. 

Enhancing and building upon a collective impact approach, and embracing the co-design philosophy, the Partnership has worked together to reduce the rate of family violence incidents, and create an equal and respectful Buloke community. With a strong prevention focus and gender equality approach, the Project has enabled the community to build their inclusiveness and resilience through the implementation of a shared localised Action Plan. 

Buloke Living Book Project 

Southern Mallee PCP received Community Engagement and Support funding from the Department of Health and Human Services for the drought declared Buloke and Gannawarra Shires. In Buloke, the funding went towards building the skills of the local community in mental health and wellbeing strategies and a community development project; The Buloke Living Photography Project. Additional Partnership Drought funding from Buloke Shire Council and Wimmera Uniting Care was put toward this project, with support from East Wimmera Health Service.

This project was facilitated by Deanna Neville, Focus on Community and has given the opportunity to a range of community members and local agencies to connect through photography and storytelling, with the aim to produce a book relating to why it is great to live in the Buloke Shire. The finished product features stories and photographs reflecting stories of community strengths and resilience in Buloke and a series of prints for display. Three hundred books have been printed and distributed throughout the Shire, with online access below.

Buloke Living Book –  if you would like a pdf version of the book, please contact SMPCP directly as the file is very large.








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