The Southern Mallee Primary Care Partnership (Southern Mallee PCP) is an ongoing dynamic, collaboration where purpose, risks and benefits are shared to improve the well-being of our community.


SMPCP Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is a dynamic group of eight leaders consisting of; Employer and Fund Holder portfolio Agencies, one representative from each of the Local Government Area Partnership (three in total), Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation representative, a co-opted member and the Southern Mallee PCP Executive Officer, who has no voting rights.

Member Agencies will actively contribute to the Southern Mallee PCP Strategic Direction and Strategic Plan development, implementation and evaluation and place based activity. 

A second tier of partnership, known as 'Community Supporters', is more inclusive with a broad focus allowing participation from community groups, businesses and sectors that meet all domains of the Social Determinants of Health are encouraged to participate. 

With a defined purpose, a strategic forum for the Leadership Team, Member Agencies and Community Supporters to discuss new issues and opportunities will be facilitated. This will provide the opportunity and engage others for greater voice and involvement across the partnership. 

Southern Mallee Primary Care Partnership Partnering Agreement 2019 - 2023

This agreement was co-created by the Southern Mallee PCP Board of Management (Member Agencies) on 29th November 2018 and was endorsed on the 20th February 2019. A Terms of Reference has been developed to operationalise this agreement.

The Agreement raised the profile of Member Agency motivation and mutual benefit for members to contribute into the partnership.  It also embeds our purpose of 'Strengthening partnerships within our rural communities to build a healthy inclusive, resilient Southern Mallee' and details our guiding principles of how we will operate and function as a partnership. 

The Southern Mallee PCP Partnering Agreement also celebrates our shared Strategic Directions;

  1. Enable collaboration through the voice of rural communities
  2. Facilitate access, equity and integration through place based approaches
  3. Be agile and responsive to challenges and opportunities

Southern Mallee Primary Care Partnership Terms of Reference 2019 - 2023

Is the operations guide for the governance of the Southern Mallee PCP Partnering Agreement 2019 - 2023

The following documentation has been created to support the operations of the Southern Mallee PCP:

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